so you come around here loften?

happy lofterversery kids

Small Plant

rip in peace


two bees drowned in hot choclety :'(

imagine a dog working a boring 9 to 5 office job but being so excited every day to go to work bc dog

your mom:

im having an e-sleepover w my best friend from florida im happy






I'm lying on the moon
My dear, I'll be there soon
It's a quiet starry place
Time's we're swallowed up
In space we're here a million miles away

There's things I wish I knew
There's no thing I'd keep from you
It's a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I'm safe and we're a million miles away

We’re lying on the moon
It’s a perfect afternoon
Your shadow follows me all day
Making sure that I'm
Okay and we’re a million miles away .

*war flashbacks*

I just listened to a ten hour long video if tiny Tim's living in the sunlight

微园 · 仲夏夜之梦:





merry Christmas u doofs

all i want for Christmas is a lofter comeback


this was the first selfie I took without braces its terrible here u go



the new lofter app update is rad as heckle 10/10 would recommend

this chick on catfish is meeting her internet boyfriend person irl for the first time but they've talked online for TEN YEARS like woah like you've known this person for a decade of your life yet you've never actually been like "hi nice to meet you my name is" whatever and that's the craziest...

kids today with their attic monks and campfire deep ends

hey bb u want sum chicken nuggets

I had like a panic attack or something in the car today and I felt really fucking scared and stressed and I feel like I'm fucking everything up with everyone and messing everything up and it was like I was choking and i feel like shit and I just want to hide for like 2938493 years

loft free or die hard

I'm such a terrible person what am I even doing

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